Social Media - Strangers

Social Media Management is a vitally important part of any business in the 21st century. Whatever the trade or age of the business, having a presence on social media brings great benefits in terms of traffic, loyalty and overall in increasing sales.

Our aim is to bring you and your clients closer through the connection and professional management of social media. Should you use our service we will ensure that both you and your customer base are no longer strangers.


Video Marketing - Visual Eyes

Video is most effective way of telling your customers about your business. We have an in-house video production team made up of ex-BBC SKY and ITV broadcast professionals who will bring your business to life. We have specific video packages that are designed to be used across your digital presence to tell your audience about all aspects of your business in this fast-changing world.

Take a look at our own promotional video to find out more

We will take the stress out of the whole process with our cost effectively and efficient process
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Websites & Software - Rainmkr

Web Design is not a magical art, a lot of people use smoke and mirrors and try and over complicate a new website build. We like to keep things simple here, nothing crazy, just high quality front end web design services along with bespoke software development, we work with our clients to make their ideas a reality, building custom software and providing consultancy services to help pull off your next project with less stress and at less cost.

It is imperative that we clearly discuss with you what your website or software is going to be used for. Making sure we are all going in the same direction is the key to starting a successful project.


SEO - Jungle - for smart search engine marketing!

Your new customers are out there, searching for your product or services. You just have not met them yet !

We can help !

Our team of Google experts will get to know your business inside out, then match it to what your new customers are searching for. We then use our smart search marketing expertise to power your website up the Google rankings to ensure you are ahead of your competitors.

All you need to do is watch the new customers flood in while you see your sales figures exceed all expectations.


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